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       For over 15 years, we have developed a reputation for quick, friendly, professional, and quality service. Our reputation is our business, and thousands of people have come to trust and recommend us. Our drivers stay abreast of new skills, techniques and equipment, and utilize safety precautions to ensure that your vehicle arrives at its destination safely. From simple lockouts to winch outs, from accident recovery to disaster recovery, we will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. That is what a quality towing company should do.

 With around the clock service, you know that there will be a dispatcher available to assist you whenever you have an emergency. All of our trucks are fully outfitted with the latest GPS tracking devices, thus ensuring we monitor and coordinate our drivers to best meet the demand of our customers in a timely manner.  Our stranded customers are priority one, with our drivers responding typically within half an hour notice in the Aurora, Naperville, and Oswego Area. Our drivers are specially trained to come to the drivers aid to quickly resolve a stressful situation.

     With SCR Towing you will experience the latest, cutting edge towing and recovery technology with our eco-friendly, green emissions flatbed tow trucks.  These tow trucks have low profile beds which sit much lower than standard flatbed tow trucks.  These beds allow the proper incline required to load vehicles with very low ground clearance without damaging the bumper, valance, or exhaust.  To further ensure damage-free towing we are able to employ a soft nylon tie-down system with no hooks or chains to pull, bend, or scratch the vehicle.  Classic Cars and high-value, high-end vehicles are our special area of expertise.

Roadside Assistance Car Unlocking Services

Locked Out?


   You did it again! You throw your car in park, grab most of your belongings, and slam the door. Oh no! Where are my keys!? Now, you're standing outside your locked car while your keys are dangling from the ignition, staring back at you.

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Need a Tow?


   Your hectic commute just took a turn for the worse. You hear it - that "clink-clickety-clunk" sound that is far from music to your ears. You pull your car over to the side of the road, but now you're stuck, miles from home.

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Need a Medium Duty Tow?


   Your busy work day just got busier. You're at a jobsite with a load of materials and your trucks dies. With loads backing up and customers waiting, you need to get this your truck back in service, and FAST!

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Air been let out of your plans?


   It's inevitable. The minute you get on the road for your well-planned road trip, you drive over a nail, and boom! Your tire blows and you don't have a spare!

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Out of Gas?


    You're running late. You nervously glance down at your gas tank...almost on on 'E.' But you can't stop, you won't make it to your appointment on time. You risk it and get there with 1 minute to spare. But on the way home, you can't find a gas station and your car slowly a green light!

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Need a Jump Start?


 You're walking to your car at 8 a.m., ready to begin the work week to discover that you left your headlights on all night.  You turn the key and nothing. Your battery is dead!

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Need your Motorcycle Towed?

      We don't care what you ride, we care that you ride. Your bike is as important to us as it is to you and we take extra care to ensure you are at ease with us hauling your precious cargo.

(See our Motorcycle Towing Page for More Details)

Need Some Equipment Hauled?


    We provide equipment transportation for businesses in the Fox Valley and surrounding area. With a large fleet of powerful towing and flatbed trucks, we can move large equipment from site to site for a competitive price. Able to move most items not requiring oversize transport permits.

Did you get in an Accident?


    After you have been in an accident, the most important thing to do is to make sure that everyone is safe. After you have verified that fact and have called the police to file a report, you might find that your vehicle is no longer drivable. When you have been in an accident and need a professional towing company to remove your car from the scene, thats where we come in.


Need a Tow from a Parking Garage?

     SCR Towing provides towing service and roadside assistance in low clearance areas such as parking garages as well as in tight spaces such as busy parking lots or alleyways.  Did your vehicle breakdown inside a parking garage, unable to start or to be put into nuetral?  No Problem.  We carry heavy duty dollies on each of our wrecker tow trucks which enables our drivers to tow AWD vehicles with all four wheels off the ground.  Our low clearance vehicles can enter parking garages with a clearance as low as 6'8".


Need a Toolbox Moved? 


    SCR Towing's highly-trained technicians are experts in moving tool boxes in a 100% damage-free method. We understand the investment each mechanic has made in their tool box and what it means for their profession. This is reason why treat each tool box as if it was our own. When moving a tool box, the box is pulled up and secured using only soft nylon straps. No chains or metal hooks will ever touch your box, guaranteeing a scratch-less and dent-free move.


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